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Why cleanse, tone & moisturise?

In my young years, my skincare routine consisted of Vitamin E cleanser used while having a shower and store bought moisturiser (insert any brand here – I didn’t really care what it was, so long it was on special).

This may have worked in my 20’s but by the time I hit 40, I felt I had done my skin a disservice. My skin was literally dry, there were dark circles under my eyes (partly due to having kids that won’t go to sleep!) and the dreaded wrinkles were starting to appear (where on earth did they come from?!).

I wish I had known then what I know now.

My cousin, who is in her mid-twenties, told me the other day, her routine was similar to what I had when I was her age (it must be a 20’s thing…).

Well, as a much wiser woman – I wanted to share my wisdom on what you should do sooner, rather than later and especially – why.

Why Cleanse?

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Our natural environment and lifestyle affects our skin. Therefore, our faces are exposed to many elements – heat, cold, smog, dust, pollution.

If you don’t think you live in a polluted area – then check out what happened in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. Over 37 people went to hospital from severe asthma attacks due to a freak lack of wind that didn’t move the polluted air. Imagine what this is doing to our skin on a daily basis…

Cleansing your skin will ensure maximum absorption of your toner. If you moisturise without cleansing, you are putting cream over dirt, which then causes blackheads or congestion.

Cleansing with soap or a wipe (which generally are alkaline), will strip your skin as this counteracts the naturally acidic protective layer of your skin.

You need to cleanse first thing in the morning and if you have been wearing makeup or in a polluted area during the day, then also before you go to bed.

Oil based makeup will require your face to be cleansed at least twice, to ensure complete removal of makeup from deep down your pores (another factor of pimples).

If you have a water based makeup, similar to the NuColour Foundation  or NuColour Tinted Moisturiser then one cleanse will be sufficient.

Our skin naturally sheds overnight, so your moisturiser needs to be put onto a clean surface in order to be effective.

Scrubs can be part of the cleansing treatment. These are usually used once a week. This evens the skin tone to ensure all the new skin is on the surface, ready to be treated.

And if you have time, peels can also be used once a week to smooth and resurface the skin.

To find out the best way to cleanse for dry to normal skin, click here.

To find out the best way to cleanse for combination to oily skin, click here.


Toner is used to get the correct ph on your skin.

Lots of toners have an alcohol base which strips all the natural moisture from the skin. What happens is that your skin will feel great for about five minutes, before it realises it needs to produce more oil to make up for moisture that has been taken away. This in turn starts a vicious cycle and makes your skin oily.

Next time you are at a department store, smell the toner. If you smell alcohol, then the toner is not beneficial for your skin.

Look for a toner that is water based, like pH Balance Toner for dry/normal skin or pH Balance Mattefying Toner for combination/oily skin helps balance the skin without stripping it from it’s vital moisture.

My advice: To make your toner last longer, go to a two dollar shop and buy an empty spritzer bottle. Decant the toner into the bottle, spritz on your face instead of using a cotton ball. Apply moisturiser immediately. This is far more economical, you get greater coverage and your toner should last longer (from my calculation – I got at least 3 months usage).



Treatments are used  a super treatment of your skin – hydrating, drawing excess congestion, draw out impurities that general cleansing may not have done.

An example of a treatment are mud masks. For more information and comparisons of various types of masks, click here.



Eyes are a lot finer – so we need to be gentle on the skin. Eye cream has no sweat glands, which is the reason why we don’t suffer from pimples in this area!

Eye cream is ideal to use to get rid of saggy bags or dark circles.

Toner with one application- now the skin is at its optimum level to have the moisturiser on. Make sure your face is little damp from the toner so the moisturiser is glides across the skin very easily so you only need to use a smaller amount.

For the best way to moisturise eyes for dry to normal skin, click here.

For the best way to moisturise eyes for combination to oily skin, click here.



We need to keep the moisture level in our skin. As we grow older our skin loses its natural moisturising properties. When you’re twenty, you assume you have plenty of time to address the issue of aging. What I have found is if you look after your skin today, your skin will reward you tomorrow.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Hydrated skin will slow down the ageing process.

  • Dry skin is dehydrated skin.
  • Funnily enough, oily skin is often dehydrated skin too.

This is because they are both lacking in moisture.

My advice: Make sure your face is little damp from the toner so the moisturiser is glides across the skin very easily. You only need to use a smaller amount.


Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise in less than 4 minutes!

Time was of the essence in my twenties (not knowing that I would have even less time now!). Quick scrub in the shower and off I go.

No. My skin is worthy of nurturing and it seriously takes no time to protect my skin. The products I use are from NuSkin.  NuSkin has over 200 skincare, makeup and health products that have been stringently tested through scientific research, with proven results, to ensure integrity. Since, I love the way it makes my skin feel, I am also a distributor (believe me – I don’t advocate anything I don’t agree with. It just means you can get these products at the same wholesale price as I do). You can only get these product online. My skin works well with the Daily Skin Health Package – Normal to Dry Skin. Well, here is my regime:

  1. Use the cleanser in the shower – 10 seconds
  2. Out of the shower, pat my face dry. Spritz toner onto my face and pat into the skin – 1 minute
  3. Apply the Celltrex CoQ10 treatment serum in the morning only (this is replaced by the Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid for night time repair) – 45 seconds
  4. Dab eye cream under the eye (not on eyelids) – 30 seconds
  5. Apply moisturiser – 2 minutes max

I swear by this routine (I timed it – less than 5 minutes!). Using the right products, you will see improvements on your skin. This will include looking more radiant and having a smoother complexion.

If you add a weekly treatment, then simply add on the extra time (I tend to use the Glacial Marine Mud Mask – and extra 15 minutes, once a week).

I swear by this routine. Using the right products, you will see improvements on your skin. This will include looking more radiant and having such a smoother complexion.

If you love your skin, then ensure your skin doesn’t suffer through the harsh elements of each season.

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