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What attitude are you going to be today?

Did you know that a woman’s lipstick colour can give insight into her mood and personality?

Each color makes a statement of the attitude us women like to portray to the world today. Due to their nourishing ingredients, these colours last throughout the day and night.

Showing our fierce attitude

These lipsticks have NO ALCOHOL so your lips won’t burn, sting or dry out. These lipsticks have skin nourishing ingredients like:

  • Avocado Oil (softens lips)
  • Bees Wax (soothes lips)
  • Vitamin E (antioxidant benefits), and
  • Kaolin (base for long-lasting colour)

So your lips remain soft and aren’t damaged by foreign chemicals.

Click here to explore all 12 attitudes you can showcase the world today.


Choosing nudes suggests that you are an orderly gal who others view as genuine and dependable. The subtle hint of color expresses your confidence of being el naturale. These colours aim to empower. With attitudes like Confidence, Persistence, Promotion – you are brave, courageous and bold. You live by your own values and are ready to get to the next level.


Pink is the colour of power as the range can vary from light pink to hot pink. Light pink gives off a sense of sociability, a fun loving nature, sassiness and youthfulness. Although, light pink may suggest some innocence, your light pink lips give off a sense of tenderness, self-worth, empathy, determination and a high level of ambition. If light pink is your fave, then Determined is what you need.

Hot Pink however, shows an attitude of being outgoing and energetic. You know how to light up a room with your smile. Just like your bold choice in lipstick, you’re not afraid to stand out. There’s no stopping you once you put on that hot pink lipstick! Bright colours like Explore, Fearless and Reign are your go to lipsticks.


This lip shade suggests a sense of power and luxury, but with a hint of mystery. You’re a strong and confident woman who isn’t afraid to show off your sophisticated style. You love the sense of earthiness the different shades of browns give. You aren’t afraid to take charge, in fact you secretly love it, and your sense of style reflects it. Breadwinner and Maven helps with your look.


Bold lipsticks scream bold, sexy and strong. You are likely to stand out from the crowd. You are projecting passion and creativity. Your bright red lips shows confidence and unwillingness to be overlooked. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, so people know where they stand with you. You go after what you want, whether that’s an A on your science test or the big promotion you know you deserve. Roar, Ruler and Unbreakable will suit your attitude.



Some questions about Powerlips

Will Powerlips Fluid Feather or Bleed?

Unlike most lipsticks, it is feather or bleed-resistant, helping to provent the product from spreading into lines around or above lips. This product stays put and maintains a nice beautiful outer lip line.

Will Powerlips Fluid peel, crack or feel sticky on my lips?

Powerlips has a light and silky, non-sticky consistency. It is a weightless formula that is flexible, feels comfortable and natural on your lips.

What makes Powerlips Fluid Dry Completely?

Yes, Powerlips Fluid will dry, but the real question is will it move once it’s dry. It can move, however, it does much better than ordinary lipsticks at staying put, lasting throughout the day and not feathering or bleeding.

How do I remove Powerlips Fluid?

You can use any facial cleanser to remove Powerlips Fluid. We recommend using Pure Cleansing Gel.

What are some tips for using Powerlips?

  1. Avoid greasy, oily foods.
  2. Don’t use other products on top of Powerlips. The ingredients commonly found in glosses and balms can cause the colour to rub off.
  3. Play with the colours. Use a mareup brush and try a sheer effect with some of our bold colours. If you want an ombre look, apply a darker base colour then a lighter shade on the inside and blend out. For a plumper look, apply a darker base colour and finish with a metallic top colour… there are so many options!



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