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How to care for combination to oily skin

how to help oily skin


Daily activity, extreme hot environments, hormones and genetics can exacerbate oily skin. You know you have oily skin when it feels greasy and shiny all over. This is where pimples most likely to thrive, due to excess oils your skin is producing.

If it is only greasy and shiny in the T-zone (forehead, nose and down to chin), then you are most likely to have combination skin. In this instance, it is best to use skincare products for oily skin to alleviate the greasy, shiny feeling.

Many skincare products use alcohol (yes, what over 18 year olds drink) as a means to ‘help’ oily skin. Research reveals alcohol in skincare products are damaging to the skin.

The aim of the alcohol is to supposedly dry the skin to eliminate the shiny look. However, this begins a vicious cycle of the skin producing more oil to counteract the oil that was initially taken away.

Alcohol causes a chain reaction of damage as the skin is no longer able to lock in water (like it’s supposed to) in order to replenish and nourish the skin.

The solution is to use water based skincare products for the skin to effectively retain its own moisture and stop it from producing excess oil.

Below are some water based skincare products that are guaranteed not to damage the skin and keep your combination to oily skin in check.



1. Cleanser

Cleanse skin twice daily, day and night, to sweep away makeup and pore-clogging impurities.
Cleanse both the morning and evening. Dampen your skin with warm water (or when you are in the shower). Apply cleanser to your fingertips and massage into your face and neck in a circular motion. Avoid contact with your eyes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat face dry with a towel. Follow with toner.

Reasonably Priced Cleanser: Pure Cleansing Gel

Luxurious Priced cleanser/toner: AgeLoc Gentle Cleanse & ToneThis cleanses and tones at the same time.



2. Toner

Tone morning and evening, following cleansing. Splash toner on your palm or a cotton pad. Gently pat over your face and neck, avoiding contact with the eyes. Follow with a treatment product.

Reasonably Priced Toner: pH Balance Mattefying Toner Combination to Oily Skin 

Luxurious Priced Toner: AgeLoc Gentle Cleanse & Tone 



3. Treat

Use treatment products to address specific skincare concerns, like fine lines and wrinkles.

The aim of treatments vary. However, for dry skin, the aim is always to nourish, soothe and replenish the skin, so the aging process is slowed. Always apply treatment products evenly over your face and neck in upward strokes. Follow with eye cream and facial moisturiser.

Reasonably Priced – Morning: Celltrex CoQ10 Complete to promote protection and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

Reasonably Priced – Night: Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid to counteract stress and inflammation for night-time repair and recovery.

Luxurious Priced Treatment – Morning & Night : Ageloc Future Serum



Other fantastic products for combination skin or oily skin is either a Clay Pack or the Epoch Glacial Marine Mud. They help absorb oils and impurities and deep cleanse the skin without harming it. Definitely a home facial!

For more information on the differences between them, click here.



4. Moisture Eyes

Apply eye cream, day and night. To apply, gently tap with your ring finger, moving from the inside to the outer eye area, to the lower eye area only. Then moisturise.

Reasonably Priced Treatment: Intensive Eye Complex 

Luxurious Priced Treatment: TruFace Ideal Eyes



5. Moisturise Face

Usually, you would use a different moisturiser for day and night as they benefit your skin for different reasons.

Use a pea-size drop of moisture and distribute it to your forehead, cheeks, chin, and throat. Gently massage the cream or lotion in a circular motion, moving upward and outward, to smooth it over your entire face and neck.

During the day, choose a moisturiser with SPF or add an SPF to help protect skin from the sun’s aging rays.

During the night, choose a moisturiser that nourishes and repairs the skin overnight.

Reasonably Priced Day Moisturiser: Moisture Restore Day Mattefying Lotion with Sunscreen 

Luxurious Priced Day Moisturiser: AgeLoc Radiant Day with Sunscreen 


Reasonably Priced Night Moisturiser: Night Supply Nourishing Cream 

Luxurious Priced Night Moisturiser: AgeLoc Transforming Night 


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