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How To Add Shape And Definition To Your Lips


Rather than spending money on surgery or syringes to ‘enhance’ your lips, there is a superior product that naturally shape and defines the collagen in your lips and can be carried around in your handbag for daily use!

  • Use a lip gloss that naturally plumps your lips by 40%
  • Naturally shape and define your lips by stimulating your collagen (without the need of lip augmentation with fillers/implants or fat injections!)
  • See results within a month, if used three times a day (although people see results sooner)
  • Moisturise your lips to prevent dryness and cracking

This Contouring Lip Gloss can be worn by itself or over lipstick.

It is the ideal solution for people whose lips blend in and disappear with their skin tone or have thin lips you can’t see. Contouring Lip Gloss shapes and defines the lips to make them ‘pop’ out – to add a touch of beauty and confidence to your day.

Add shape & definition
Add shape & definition

Key Benefit – Collagen

Several ingredients in this gloss specifically targets the issue of collagen. Oligopeptide promotes collagen in the skin to provide smoothness, definition and elasticity to the lips.

What can damage collagen?

Unfortunately, everything you can think of that is associated with the mouth can damage the collagen in our lips. This includes:

  • What you eat
  • Tugging on lips with our teeth
  • Sun, Wind, Rain
  • Air-conditioning, heating
  • Applying inferior products that may be aggressive on your lips
  • Losing collagen thins the lips and gives us an aged appearance.


Key Benefit – Anti-oxidants

Red Raspberry Seed Extract helps neutralise and protect the lips from the above type of damage. It is incredibly high in Vitamin E – a well-known strong anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidant protects damage from the sun and diminishes the signs of aging that is happening in the skin.

If your lips start to dry and crack, it instantly ages your lips so you appear older. Dipalmitoyl helps create healthy tissue. It aims to help promote moisture to prevent dryness and cracking. This will help plump up the lips.


Key Benefit – More gentle on the lips

Contouring Lip Gloss is designed to be more gentle on the lips, so you don’t have any irritation or sensitivity when using the product. This gloss has such a high sheen that the shine will last much longer.

This product is not a temporary plumper. This has long term benefits.

Clinical studies have shown this product can increase the fullness of the lips by 40% after 28 days of continual use.

So… hands up who wants to pay $700 for a lip enhancement? No?

You have everything to gain by using the Contouring Lip Gloss that has proven results. Comes in two colours, Crystal Clear or Tender Beige.

So, have fun creating gorgeous, beautiful lips!


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